Hire A Professional Dryer Vent Cleaner Or Do It Yourself (DIY)?


When most people learn that they need to clean their dryer vent regularly, they ask themselves whether I should give it a try myself or hire a professional dryer vent cleaner to do it for me? You will have many benefits and drawbacks to consider before deciding which path to take. Let’s examine a few of the benefits and drawbacks of these two dryer vent cleaning cases.

Benefits & Drawbacks to DIY

Benefit: You can save money. Let’s get this one out of the way first because it’s apparent. Dryer vent cleaning costs usually vary from $100-$299, depending on where you live, the level of service provided, and the type of dryer vent cleaning process used by your technician. So, if you plan on doing this every year, purchasing the equipment, and doing it yourself could potentially save you some money over the next couple of years.

Drawback: It takes time, effort, and knowledge or skill to perform this task. Most people are put off by the time it takes to find out what you need to know, drive to the store or stores to purchase equipment, order the equipment online, and then the work to clean your vent. Not to mention that you may have to make a second trip if you run into any unexpected problems along the way.

Benefit: The first question a homeowner should ask themselves is where is my dryer vent located. If the dryer vent sits at ground level, the process is easier to perform, and more than likely is minimal in length. It won’t require the challenges of a ladder or concerns of safety.

Drawback:  However, if you’re cleaning from an elevated wall or roof location, you’re facing many more challenges and the need for additional equipment (step ladder, extension ladder, roof jacks, etc.). The chances are also greater than the duct length is longer and with more turns that require greater skills to negotiate, which only comes with practice and feel. Without these skills, there is a greater chance that you “stuff” an elbow fitting with lint and create a clog that worsened your situation. Also, hidden ducting will prevent you from seeing duct joint integrity, which could inadvertently jam a cleaning rod or unthread a rod section if you run the drill in reverse.

Benefits & Drawbacks to Hiring a Professional

Benefit: Assuming you make the right decision, you will obtain 5-star customer service, fast and productive work, and prompt detection and correction of any possible issues.

Drawback: Obviously, you’ll have to pay for the level of service you’re getting. This could be a little expensive for you, depending on your budget. Besides, depending on the repair’s difficulty, you will be charged an additional fee if there are unsafe dryer ventilation problems. 

Benefit: If you employ a professional with experience and expertise in dryer vent cleaning, you can be assured that your dryer vent will be thoroughly clean and free of all hazards and code violations when the job is finished.

Drawback: There’s always the risk of recruiting the wrong “pro” and receiving subpar service or being hassled over the price. We can’t vouch for every dryer vent “expert” out there these days, so if you hire one, make sure you do your homework first.

Dryer vent cleaning is much more complex than it seems, with many challenges to consider before attempting this on your own. In the end, is it worth the time, money, and peace of mind to save a few dollars? That question is for you to answer, but for most, it is not. However, if you have a good understanding of the process and are well prepared to safely tackle this home maintenance challenge, we encourage it.  If you have any questions regarding your dryer vent or want to schedule a FREE no-obligation inspection, please contact us at (516) 987-7519. To schedule an inspection or cleaning, click here.